Buenos Aires has a huge Italian-Argentine population, evident in the quality of all kinds of Italian food, but most happily in the Italian-style gelato.  There’s a heladeria (ice cream parlor) on every other corner in this town, and they’re mostly all amazing, but this one is really standout.  I highly recommend the dulce de leche granizado (caramel ice cream with chocolate chips).  The coffee is damn fine as well, and comes with delicious mini brownies.

gelato buenos airesgelato buenos airesgelato buenos aires

For reference, the difference between gelato and ice cream is basically that there are more eggs, whole milk instead of cream, and no air whipped in to gelato.  More on that here.

My opinion: Will change your life.  Or your pant size.  Worth it.
Location: There are several. The one pictured is at Migueletes 868, where it intersects with Maure.
Price: Depends on the size you want, but I wouldn’t call it cheap.  The smallest cone is 12 ARP, about 3 USD.