Expect a long wait, dotted with at least five different languages, platters of chorizo to calma the crowd, and gratis champagne. If you don’t have a reservation, go at 8 PM, when they open, put your name on the list, and do not expect to be seated quickly. If you go at 9, expect at least an hour and a half wait.

The decor, with whimsical touches like miniature hot air balloons set against white tablecloths and candlelight, is nice without being stuffy. The huge portions of meat are probably the best I have ever tasted, and come with platters of sides/sauces, so no need to order vegetables! Split one meat between two people, it will be more than enough. Bonus: the night is sure to end sweetly, with a Chupa Chup tree at your table!
My rating: 9, because it’s expensive by BA standards. If you don’t plan, you’ll end up eating at 11:30 and calling it a 6, though. Do not make this mistake!
Price *including wine*: 150 ARP (40 USD)
Location: José Antonio Cabrera 5099, at Thames